A Thread Connecting New York City and Kyoto

From New York City, I arrived in Kyoto, Japan's cultural capital. The past 10 months were spent setting up a base in Kyoto from which to explore and create new ceramic work.  I made this move along with my wife who is working as an art conservator, and my dog Barney (German Shepard Mix).  I set up a pottery studio in our home and am creating new work, while absorbing all that Japan has to offer from its many living cultural and craft traditions.  I am working with a beautiful white porcelain from Japan's southern island, Kyushu.  This is a very unique material, so different from anything available in the West.  As I approach my first year in Japan I believe material will play a large role in the work I make in my second year.  As always, I will move forward with my continuing goal of being influenced by other's work and the local natural surroundings, while striving to make something I can call my own.