The Harvest

I began working in the style of ceramics you see on this post about 10 years ago.  In making pottery, my pursuit is based mostly in search of a certain aesthetic, yet also in the pursuit to overcome technical challenges that co-exist with creating the work.  My ceramics are gradually changing and may eventually result in a strikingly different aesthetic.  However, I have come to realize there is still much to explore within anything, as long as the fruits of the subject matter keep maturing.

Below I have highlighted two pieces from my firing the week prior.  The kiln yielded about 25 works, but these two embody the aesthetic I attempt to achieve.  In the case of these small pots, I started with just one pound of porcelain each.  To get it right, many correct decisions had to be made during the making process.  This does not always occur, yet on occasion the combination of intention and process align.