Fruit from the Tree

The plum and cherry blossoms of Kyoto are a spectacle in Japan, and a true signal for the arrival of Spring. The plum blossoms bloom in early February, with temperatures descending as low as freezing, sometimes accompanied by snowfall. The cherry trees begin to flower in late March, taking over for the plums, as their flowers die off. For someone working in craft this progression can be a means for inspiration, or a bleak reminder that one can not compete with the beauty nature creates. My interpretation varies by the day. Image #1 shows a golden flower cast off from one of two porcelain trees. Image #2 shows the same flower with its iridescent platinum sibling. Image #3 shows cream plum blossoms at Kitano Tenmangu Shrine in February. Image #4 shows blush pink cherry blossoms on the Kamogawa (river) this week. The Spring of 2013 is especially welcome.