The Show Must Go On

As I work through the emotions of losing my dog Barney this week, I am still preparing for my exhibition in Kyoto that opens this coming Tuesday.  The title of the show is LAND.  For me, LAND signifies the ground from which my objects are made, but also the specific spot where I focus my intention.  I have realized the result of such intention is entirely in my control, even when it seems it is not.  Everything 'I' do affects the finished work, and magic and chance are not really at play (at least I don't think).  The post before last showed two large pieces in waiting for firing.  Thus far, one of the two is finished. I am glad to say it survived the kiln and will be a highlight of the show.  Actually, my vision for the show relied on that piece being successful.  One of the areas of display in the exhibition is a beautiful, small, tatami tea room.  The room will be dedicated to this tall porcelain piece only.  All are invited to the show in Kyoto.  It opens March 19th and runs through March 31st.  If you land in Kyoto and get lost, dial this cell number and I'll guide you there (090-8129-6918).